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Why Choose to Build A Geodesic Ball

domes are completely free-standing during construction

A geodesic ball is a sort of structure shaped like half of a sphere or a ball. Imagine a soap bubble on the surface of the water. This geodesic structure is comprised of a complex network of triangles form a roughly spherical surface. As you can see, the more complex the network of triangles, the more closely the dome approximates the shape of a true sphere. Dome calculators can be found here on the internet and can be quite beneficial to you in calculating the building of your geodesic ball.

If any of the struts is broken, a Geodesic Ball tends to want to collapse and will leak. Geodesics generally are built using standard building materials, such as wood and are susceptible to termites and rot; they require continued maintenance. They are not as energy-efficient as a Monolithic Dome nor will they weather storms, earthquakes, or fire as well. Geodesic ball saves on building materials. It is made of myriad pieces, joined so they form a segmented dome. The geodesic derives its strength from struts and hubs. This strut-and-hub construction has some useful purposes, but none more so than to build a geodesic ball. Meet high wind and snow load rating requirements with a dome home.

Geodesic structures are very strong due to their shape and can withstand earthquakes and severe storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes. SHELTER meets FEMA criteria for a structure that can provide near-absolute disaster protection. We provide equipment that is needed to build a geodesic dome. It depends on the type of dome being created, but in most cases, socket wrenches, hammers, ladders, and rolling scaffolding are desirable and nail guns for attaching the roofing shingles. Domes are completely free-standing during construction. No shoring up is needed. Feel free to contact us for more Geodesic Ball details!

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