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Win Valentine’s Day With These Igloo Dome Tents!

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Valentine’s Day is approaching. Since hospitality managers desire to generate traffic and win Valentine’s Day, Shelter Dome may provide some ideas. In this post, 7 nice igloo dome tents that you can refer to seek sales and traffic would be introduced.

Rooftop Igloo Dome Tents For Bar & Restaurant

Grabbing a late vibe in a transparent dome igloo may exceed guests’ expectations. It combines aesthetic appealing and comfort perfectly. Unlike traditional indoor café houses, dome igloos are more attractive since its stylish design and unobstructed panorama view. Furthermore, sitting in this tiny whilst stylish dome igloo, guests won’t’ feel any cold but cozy feeling.

garden dome igloo-event dome-shelter dome-shelter domos

The best thing yet comes with privacy, a couple of lovers can really enjoy without bothering from other guests. With funk and soul music, lovers are immersive into this dreamy and fancy dome igloo.

Rooftop Geodome Restaurants

Increasing customers may feel bored to have dinner in traditional restaurants and desire somewhere else can surprise them. The rooftop geodome restaurant can be the ideal concept for those restaurants that seek sales and traffic.

geo domes-geodesic dome igloo-rooftop restaurant-shelter dome-shelter domos

As you can see, the geodesic dome can easily foster a relaxing environment with innovative blue lighting. Walking out of the dining dome, guests can take a glance at a bird’s eye of the city.

Couples want more than just be out for delicious food and would like to spend an unforgettable night out. Here, Shelter Dome lists some projects of igloo dome tents to inspire your creativity.

Upgrade The Campsite With Stunning Glamping Domes

1)Chasing The Star At Wild Adventure

Speaking of the stars, people would like to spend thousands of dollars on observing them. Sitting on the wooden platform and admiring the Milky Way with thousands of stars is on their must-do list.

glamping dome-dwell dome-geodesic dome tent-shelter dome-shelter domos

Tell your prospective clients that you can fulfill their dream at wild with resort-like comfort. Once feeling freezing outdoor, a skylight window allows guests to look up to the stars on the cozy king-sized bed.

2)Mars Journal

Traveling to Mars might be a dream, many travelers would love to experience “Mars On Earth”. Take a look at the surrounding of this campsite, the red mountain and desert just mimic Mars.

igloo dome tents-glamping dome-dwell dome-geodesic dome tents-shelter dome-shelter domos

These lovely igloo dome tents offer modern and resort-like comfort in the middle of “Mars”. Unlike camp tents, every glamping dome provides a king-size bed, private bathroom, air conditioner, insulation layer, etc.

3)Vineyard Vacation At Weekend

For wine lovers, vineyard vacation would definitely be their top-of-mind choice. Therefore, Shelter Dome has to recommend this campsite in an Australian vineyard.

igloo dome tents-vineyard dome house-glamping dome-dwell dome-geodesic dome tent-shelter dome-shelter domos-australia

Living in the igloo dome tents, guests can freely open the glass window, smelling the fresh air and grape tree. When night falls, enjoying the delicious cuisine and wine near the lovely bay window will make their day.

4) Gorgeous Night On The Coast

For those campsites locate near the seaside, beach dome tents are a great example. As you can see, a couple of dwelling domes stand neatly toward the amazing coastline. The large bay window allows guests to lay down on the bed to enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

glamping dome-dwell dome-beach dome tent-shelter dome-shelter domos

Due to its location and wonderful view, guests might have to book a dozen days ahead to experience ever-new accommodation.

5)Romantic Getaway In The Forest

Escaping from the city to the middle of the forest can be an optional choice for white collars. As these igloo dome tents nestled in the forest, it is a kind of reward for nature lovers.


Spending a night without internet, guests can finally have the quality time for accompanying. By the way, a lot of guests love to ride and take gorgeous Instagram photos with this gorgeous view that nowhere to be found.

At the very end, Shelter Dome wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day spent with your beloved one!

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In the case of customizing igloo dome tents to generate traffic to grow your business, don’t be hesitated to leave your quote. And one of our sales will get back to you as soon as possible.

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