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[Blog] Geodesic Dome Sale For Christmas And New Year Event

Geodesic Dome Sale For Christmas And New Year - Holiday Dome Displays - Christmas Dome Structure - Shelter Dome
With the Christmas and New Year season fast approaching and everyone arranging Christmas parties and choosing venues, why not have something extra special and choose geodesic dome purchase? With unlimited possibilities, a wide selection of sizes and endless interiors you can make your Christmas and New Year events exactly how you imagined.

Every year around now, many malls, shopping centers and corporate events have Santa Claus workshops with commercial Christmas decorations to make the moments be unforgettable. Modern holiday domes allow creating full-fledged displays for Christmas and New Year events in malls, in parks, on streets of the city and near water bodies, it’s no wonder why a geodesic dome is a great idea to create a magnificent Christmas and New Year atmosphere.

For shopping mall organizers and event planners who are thinking of having a temporary venue for holiday displays, think about pop up dome tent. A unique, beautiful and multifunctional geodesic dome structure grabbing aesthetic experience guaranteed to exceed the expectations of your guests, and for the manufacture and launch of your Christmas dome will require much fewer resources and time. In this article, we have introduced some Christmas dome displays that we did before. Perhaps they will inspire you, and similar personalized dome displays will appear more often at home and abroad.

Christmas Dome in China

Geodesic Dome Sale for Christmas and New Year Event - Geodesic Dome - Geodesic Dome Tent for Sale - Dome Frame - Fabric Dome Structures - Party Dome - Clear Dome Tent - Transparent Dome Tent - 5m Dome - Shelter Dome (4)
With the help of a transparent dome-shaped tent structure, the high-traffic areas of a shopping center can be replenished with an interesting Santa Claus workshop for Christmas events. The selected 12 meters (40 feet) holiday dome is a modern and easy way to celebrate in style. It has a high ceiling height and a transparent cover which provides spaciousness and gives guests a clear view from any angle, allowing every guest to get into the holiday spirit easily.

Inside the Santa dome, a Christmas tree, Christmas presents and commercial Christmas decorations make the space a perfect atmosphere for a celebration! The home of Santa Claus is furnished with exciting activities for guests of all ages.

Confetti Dome in Qatar

Confetti Dome - 12m Transparent Dome Tent Structure in Qatar - Holiday Dome - Shelter Dome
An amazing pop-up experience in the entertainment, retail and hospitality destination is a unique one-of-a-kind installation that hosts the biggest confetti dome ever seen in Qatar where guests can enjoy the strong whirlwind of confetti all around them.

The completely transparent version of the 12 meters diameter party dome lets in lots of natural light, and lets outsiders see all the holiday merriment within! The usable area of this clear dome construction is 113 m2 which – when combined with proper arrangement – allows for serving more than 150 guests at the same time and providing ample space for holiday displays. This is one dome that is sure to envoke the real atmosphere of your holiday party in a way that nothing else can do.

LED-filled Geodesic Dome in USA

LED-filled Geodesic Dome - Geodesic Dome Sale for Christmas and New Year Event - Holiday Dome - Shelter Dome
Looking to make a statement? This is just a sample of the many different colors that can be achieved with our LED lighting strips to really bring your New Year event to life! We work with an event company to create an illumination dome for public displays for Christmas and New Year celebration. The lighting dome structure features translucent fabric cover, single wing glass door, and lighting and sound system to deliver an exciting stimulus.

Take advantage of different lighting effects, geodesic event tents look awesome and attractive in event venues and will offer endless branding opportunities, especially in immersive 360-degree environments.

Whether it is a private function or a public event under a geodesic dome sale, SHELTER DOME can help. We will help you to realize any project – we will choose the suitable dome size and design, beautiful Christmas interiors, LED lighting in a range of colors, and ventilation system. Portable dome structures can be used both in winter and in summer.

For more information to get things started, please leave us a reply or contact us via our website.

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