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Why a Geodome is the Ideal Glamping Unit for Your Resort – Part 3

In addition to the usual activities dome can provide, it can offer more personalized and unique open-air events, which are characteristic. It will bring novelty and excitement, which is its great advantage. So let’s get to know about what kinds of novel features a geodesic dome can offer.

A dome with the bonfire party

When night falls, people can light up the bonfire. It will light up the darkness and offer a warm atmosphere. People can sing or dance or play games around the bonfire. And the bonfire party, like a symbol of hope, will warm everyone present. In the dark night, the lights of the geodesic dome will also keep the lights on. And the lights will add radiance and beauty to each other, which create spectacular scenery together.

Take a break beside a geodome

The suspended net hammocks are often designed on cliffs or deep in the mountains. It can not only gives us the best view to exposure to nature, which can let us get fresh air, but also bring us the peculiar exciting feeling, like stay on the cliff-sides. The suspended net hammocks are designed to expand the space of the geodesic dome, and people can take a break or do some reading. It will offer richer experience and provide unlimited imagination space.

A hot tub in close contact with nature is a rare and refreshing experience. It is a romantic choice to enjoy it alone or with an intimate partner. An open-air bath is the ideal glamping activity to achieve the pursuit of relaxation, and to satisfy the needs of the novel and unique experience. People can have a comfortable bath at noon with the sunshine, and also can choose a hot bath in the woods at nightfall. The geodesic dome will provide the rare chance.

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