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[Blog] The Immersive Experience Under The Dome, Glasses-free

Immersive Environment Dome - Projection Dome Tent - Shelter Dome


Have your event or festival under the immersive environment dome! It will provide you with an effect that is similar to live theater, making it an amazing asset for all kinds of occasions.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Maybe you’ve heard of the phrase ‘Virtual Reality’ and would spring to mind a very specific image – head-mounted displays (also referred to sometimes as VR glasses). They attach straight to your head, present visuals directly to your eyes and provide immersive experiences. However, there’s another alternative approach to provide immersive experiences – that is the immersive environment dome theater. Well, It’s real. The geodome tent can become a more collective experience for your guests, with no need to wear a pair of VR glasses.

The portable projection dome comes in diameters from 5M to 100M. It can hold up to 3,000 people. With the use of both sounds and images, the dome structure is often used at schools for educational immersion or science-based museums for temporary planetarium. Much more than these, it has expanded in recent years to include a broader range of uses, including ones in the visual and performing arts.

immersive environment dome 1

The scenes of stars, planets and celestial objects inside a Planetarium Dome

immersive environment dome 2

The 360 content is shown to a captive audience for their shared immersive experience

immersive environment dome 3

A giant screen and themed entertainment communities under the Projection Dome

Why immersive projection under the dome is so popular for events? You might also consider the benefits of it when you’re purchasing dome structures. No matter what you might use a geodesic dome for, the possibilities are virtually endless if you add the element of immersive projections to your project. Projections inside the dome create a projected display that will never forgettable and greatly enhance the fulldome experience for the audience.

With the help of our corporation partner, specialist in immersive-projection inside domes, your venue can be converted into a fully-featured planetarium or digital dome theater in the shortest time! For more information on our geodesic projection domes click here or contact us for a consultation for your next business event. We are always available to assist you if needed.


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