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How To Choose A Large Event Tent

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If you are tasked with creating an outdoor event venue, there are must a number of diverse questions about choosing a perfect tent running around your mind. The proper event tent selection is relative to the overall display effect. Before you make the right choice, the size, appearance, and function must be considered. Here is a guide to help you make these important considerations and to discover which type of event tent is in line with your need, taking an opening ceremony for example.
event dome manufacturer - event tent - large dome tent supplier
The detailed event progress is supposed to be prepared, which is the core of the event tent selection. What the first consideration that should be paid attention is the shape and appearance. The shape depends on the venue terrace, ideal performance effect, load-bearing request, and later use.
Such as the opening ceremony, the projection is some of the most important activity links. Thus, whether the tent can create a proper projection condition will be an indispensable considered factor. Then you can narrow the selection. If the projection just for showing the image, the normal tent-like “A-frame” or rectangle tent is enough. However, if you plan to display a video, a dome tent will be the best choice for 360° immersive viewing without 3D Glasses.
event dome manufacturer - event tent - large dome tent supplier
Based on the event venue planning, if the overall venue is divided into several functional zones such as the main venue, rest zoom, exhibition room, and so on with several same tents to make it. The design makes every part owns its separate space but also maintains the entirety of the event. There’s one point that’s easy to ignore. You should pay attention to the sound insulation of each space in case the event effect is impacted.
event dome manufacturer - event tent - large dome tent supplier
The next point is the size. You need to estimate the number of participants and get the specific size of the tent. If all persons are standing, the covered area is 1m*2 per person. And the covered area will increase to 1.5m*2 when they are sitting surrounding a desk. But please remind to add the stage area or other decoration area.
The main venue of the ceremony is a diameter of 40m and covers 1256m*2. It can accommodate almost 900 people and can be installed on a large podium.
Here are some tips about choosing tent. Wish you can select a perfect tent and holding a memorable event!

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