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Valley Views Glamping

10m 720-degree Full Sphere Theater

The dia. 10m 720 full spherical dome with full color painting cover gives it the appearance that the visitors are drawn to and its spherical space allows the panoramic content can be presented in a fully immersive way.

Projection Dome in Paddington Carnival

This dia. 10m projection dome with customized PVC fabric which painting for Paddington logo! Using the professional projection liner, the surreal 3D drawing will show on the dome environment.

12m Transparent Party Dome in Qatar

The 12m transparent geodesic dome tent is coming to a holiday event near you. The usable area of this clear dome tent is 113 m2 which – when combined with proper arrangement – allows for serving more than 150 guests at the same time and providing ample space for displaying.

Learn about SHELTER DOMES in 2 minutes

Here we will show you the custom design of the geodesic dome tent, which includes the diameter size, the membrane color, the cover print and other accessories. Also, you will learn about the featured SHELTER DOME project.

50m Large Dome Set Up In Inner Mongolia

The most impressive structure in the desert is a 164 ft large geodesic dome, designed to serve as a desert stage, conference, and promotion venue. It has an area of 2,000 m2 containing a cafe, bar and screening area and will accommodate up to 600 people.

3D Model of 6m Eco-living Dome Tent

With a stable frame and full interior decoration, SHELTER DOME offers a safe and livable dome house in the resort. Each tiny living dome can be equipped with lights, wooden deck and comes with a cozy bed, an optional kitchen, even a separate bathroom.

720 ° geodesic sphere with projection

The 720 degree full sphere dome projection with a full color printed cover gives the appearance that visitors are attracted and its spherical space allows panoramic content to be presented in a unique and fully immersive way. It is an innovative structure with technology.

Dia. 5m Illumination Dome Enhance Your Event

The geodesic LED dome contains multiple flex LED strips, which together form a color changing surface, creating fantastic spaces during festivals and also works perfectly as a venue for dome bar pavilions, outdoor concerts, light shows, music clubs or an experiential marketing.

4m and 5m Transparent Bar Igloo on Harbour

Steel domes with transparent membranes are the perfect solution when it comes to providing cozy spots for gathering, parties, and social activities as well as garden shelters for yoga, recreations, and greenhouses. Translucent and opaque covers can be customized depending on need and usage.

Glamping Dome Program in Forest Resort

SHELTER DOME offers amazing geodome tents for all kinds of resort. This forest resort is one of our clients’ resort project in Malaysia. We offer interior decoration concept and 3D mockup for free. Our eco living dome offers everything you need for a comfortable living, including HVAC, bed, shower system, bathroom, windows, lining, etc.

3D Animation Glamping Dome Model

Here’re the 3D geodesic dome external and interior designs by SHELTER DOME. We provide geodesic glamping structures of 3m (10ft) to 80m (262ft) in diameter across many sectors from living, entertainment to event and glamping. Windows, ventilation and enclosed doors system can be also customized.

Installation of 30m Projection Dome Theater

The projection dome allows you an immersive viewing environment. With the suspension of lighting and the construction of the stage inside the dome, it satisfies your requirement for the lighting equipment and the stage effect. It is a perfect projection screen for the light show and all-digital projection in 100 – 300 people.

18m Black Dome Tent for Outdoor Event – Skyview

The 18m diameter strong geodesic dome tent with black PVC roof cover, skylight window, and double wing glass door has a distinctive visual effect alternative to conventional “A” frame tent. It can be used for film screening, private or corporate party, show or even as a sports dome.

30m dome theater installation

The projection dome allows you a immersive viewing environment . With lighting suspension and stage construction inside the dome, it meets your requirements for lighting equipment and stage effect. It is a perfect projection screen for light show and fully digital projection.

30m geodesic dome tent - aerial view

The exclusive dome tent with detained materials guarantees the highest quality throughout the experience under a fabric dome structure. Covering an area of 706.5m², it always provides you with effective usable space regardless of your event themes.

2016 BMW Summer Camp Dome

Take your next parties or activities to the next level with steel dome buildings. They significantly enhance the theme of any outdoor activity. SHELTER DOME manufactures and supplies geodesic dome structures ranging from 3 meters to 80 meters in diameter to meet your needs and budget.

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