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Glamping Dome

5m PC Bubble Dome - Outdoor Catering Igloo
polycarbonate bubble dome-glamping dome
5m PC Bubble Dome - Outdoor Catering Igloo
polycarbonate bubble dome
polycarbonate bubble dome-glamping dome
Polycarbonate Bubble Dome is a perfect combination of comfort and style. The interior is large enough for a bedroom and bathroom. Staying inside, you will feel comfy and homelike. It offers you a one-of-a-kind relaxing glamping experience.

Polycarbonate Bubble Dome is recommended to build near a pool, lake, coast, river, farm, garden etc. It will become a beautiful view of the campsites.

Specification& Scenario

The refreshed design delivers a new style of camping. Covering an area of 22.2㎡, each waterdrop-shaped tent can makes roomy living space enough for 3-6 people. Meanwhile, the freestanding interior space is enough to fit a bedroom or a bathroom. Furthermore, the ground under the eaves can also become a small covered veranda, serving as a viewing and lounge area.
polycarbonate bubble dome

Inside space: 22.2sqm
Height: 3.5m
Product weight:510kg
Security door with 3 cards and spare keys
The electrical curtain on the top and manual curtain on the side
LED light included(Control by an app on the phone)
Can use separately or Connect with other domes
Solar power ventilation fan (Optional)
Two windows
Electrical ventilationApplications:
Glamping Pods(Luxury double room)
Restaurant Dining ( Suitable for 3-6 people )
Inside Toilet Modula is available

Other Features

| SMC Waterproof Platform |

| Special Flanging Structure |

| Water Containment |

| Integrated Bathroom Design |

Why Choose Shelter Glamping Dome Tent?

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