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Large Event Dome Tents Are Quickly Deployable And Ideal Designed

The large event dome tents can serve to more than bars and parties only. Our domes are quickly deployable and ideal for a wide variety of applications. It designed for including: corporate events festivals & concerts, exhibitions, celebrations or concerts and many more, assembled in strongest, lightest and most efficient frame, and is good acoustics and sound control. Have fun daily full dome shows, special lectures, live music shows, artistic performances, experimental art, and more, all in the Dome!

Large Event Dome Tents for Events

With a large design, the event dome tent is suitable for different types of games. It also support glamourous lighting and projection to style the tents to suite your themed event, with perfect view of your ceremony. Evening ceremonies held under the dome of lights at sunset are some of the most magical fairy tale ceremonies you host. Bulk buy inflatable dome event tent online from Chinese suppliers on

Concert Dome Tent Are Re-deployable And Flexible in Size, Length, Height

To be able to lift your event to a higher level, we provide an incredibly flexible event space to deliver unique and memorable experiences in shows. Large event dome tents are available in spans raging form 5m-120m. Being easily re-deployable and customisable, domes often live long and dynamic lives. Together with you, we make sure the Dome perfectly matches your event. With broad and worldwide experience, as well as passion for dome tents, we provide customers worldwide with small intimate event dome tent for sale to specially tailor-made unique mega event tent.

Why Choose Dome For Outdoor Event


Eye-catching dome event tent

The event tent makes a wonderful concert venue with spot light that is as eye-catching from the outside as it is on the inside.


Unparalleled capacity event dome

Domes have an unparalleled capacity for projection and lighting innovation. There are no center beams to interfere with viewing the stage.


Exquisite Reticulated shell structure

We use an exquisite Reticulated shell structure that also becomes the perfect housing for lighting your entertainment stage, allowing a stunning atmosphere.

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