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A resort located in deep of the Caucasus Mountains desires to provide the unique glamping experience. Taking into the terrain and climate into consideration, glamping domes with hot tubs are built.
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Project Background


A New Travel Trend: Glamping Domes With Hot Tub

Many campers want to explore the world, however, they don’t want to suffer from all of the inconvenience. Fortunately, Shelter Dome has developed eco-living domes that are cozy for all campers and nature lovers. We want to highlight two attributes that glamping domes have:

Reaching Hard-To-Reach Locations

Undiscovered places always bring us a surprise that how gorgeous the earth is. And portable glamping domes provide an exclusive, sheltered space, which can be easily installed or dismantled in any place. In this project, we brought glamping domes to the Caucasus Mountain. The mountain terrain status might face a challenge to build the concrete buildings, because of the slope. But it is easy and trouble-free to install glamping domes with wooden platforms. Therefore, the resort owner built glamping domes with hot tub, making it one of the most popular accommodation locally.

Designing With Environmental Awareness

As this project nestled within the mountain, Shelter Dome design and build it with great environmental awareness. In other words, the installation and usage of the glamping domes are relatively undisturbed natural condition. As you can see, these eco-resort domes with hot tub perfectly integrate into the woodland landscape without damaging the ecosystem.

Weather-Proof Glamping Domes Bring Great Comfort

Traditional camping tents only provide the shelter to live in. However, glamping domes are weather-proof and provide great comfort all year round.

Why Glamping Domes Are Weather-Proof?

It may face three problems while camping in the wildness, heavy rain, strong wind, and heavy snows. Firstly, the membrane is water-proof and can resist heavy rain, keeping a dry environment inside for the guests. Secondly, the sturdy geodesic structure made of high-grade galvanized steel can resist the heavy load. Based on our testing data, eco-resort domes can withstand at least 100 km/h wind load and 0.5 kN/m² snow load. Glamping Domes With Hot Tub In The Caucasus Mountain-Shelter Dome-ecoresort-Shelter Domos (2)

How Dwell Domes Bring Great Comfort?

Summer is the warmest time of the year and has the most daylight. And Shelter Dome designs the large bay window not only for the gorgeous mountain view but letting the daylight in. As we know, plenty of sunlight brings at least two benefits, saving electricity and keeping physically healthy. In addition, it is quite hot in summer but freeze in winter. But the equipped insulation layer can keep the dwell dome at the best temperature. In winter, combining it with a wood stove or heating machine, guests will be able to feel warm inside. Glamping domes with hot tubs can always surprise your guests because of the benefits we mention above. And Shelter Dome is an international brand supplying cost-effective, portable and flexible space solutions for campsites, and resorts. Check our previous projects by clicking here. If you desire glamping domes for campsite or land, please leave your inquiry below:

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