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Enjoy the Perfect Views of Starry Skies with Glamping Bubble Tent

Explore our range of exciting and futuristic looking geodomes and bubbles for your next trip. There is something very unique and special about staying under a glamping bubble tent; clean lines of geometry, a true connection to nature, and perfect views of starry skies. It’s sure for you to agree that a more beautiful home is hard to imagine, too. You can listen to the gentle rustling of the olive trees…as you gaze languorously across to the mountains in the glamping bubble tent in Shiosai Terrace.
There are various of comfortable, luxurious, off-grid geodomes to choose from – two that are ideal for a romantic couple or a small family of three, and one that sleeps up to four adults. Moreover, the biggest one can accommodate a maximum amount of 6 people. Whichever you opt for, you can expect huge panoramic windows that showcase that gorgeous scenery to perfection, private bathroom, and a decking area for enjoying a chilled glass of local wine. Glamping Bubble Tent is also equipped with cozy foam chair – bliss! You could also choose to rest yourself on the floor with a blanket instead, a dia.6m hotel dome haven that’s perfect for a couple…and perfect for whom is eager for stargazing, with its panoramic roof center. Are you a gourmet? Enjoy a delicious breakfast, like local cuisine, western food, as well as the Chinese special meal, served to your room each morning, to enjoy in bed or from your private terrace whilst you take in the views – and then it’s time to explore! Nature speaks to us through different images, landscapes, colors, patterns, and forms of exquisite beauty. As we admire nature’s extravagance, our emotions and feelings become part of it. This harmonious balance makes our souls happy.

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