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Go Glamping in A Luxury Glamping Geodomes

Have you ever been in a dome? Picture this: you leave the city behind, detox from social media and get away from cities, traffic, noise and pollution and you’re lying on the bed and admiring the sky, forest breezes and perhaps even the lullaby of a lake. Glamping geodomes, which is a wonderful and liberating feeling which reveals the beautiful harmony which surrounds you but which also makes you realize just how small you are in the universal scheme, you can make above imagination come true.
Glamping geodomes are extra heavy duty dome tents suitable for year round use. We have developed a wide range of luxury outdoor glamping dome tent with numerous amenities to allow your guests with a distinctive glamping experience. Glamping geodomes are both elegant and extremely durable and easy to assemble. Best of all, these semi-permanent structures normally do not require building permits and can be placed almost anywhere! To provide shelter, warmth and security for guests, glamping geodomes are constructed from high-quality, low-maintenance components. The solid construction of the galvanized steel framework can be assembled quickly and easily and ensures the stability of the living dome. With high-quality PVC cover, our glamping dome tent is both water resistant and able to withstand the most severe weather conditions while its occupants remain safe and cozy inside. Moreover, the dome tents are built to last and provide protection against UV radiation, with temperature resistance from -50 to +70 °C as well high tensile and anti-tear strength. We offer a wide range of solutions that can be custom fit your individual requirements.

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