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Geodome Tents MeetThe Resort’s Needs

The Geodome Tent can support a wide variety of events throughout the year because of the versatile design. More importantly, they can be built wherever is needed.

A resort in Australia wanted to provide complimentary health and wellness activities in the forest. The resort desired to provide an immersive experience with nature for guests, but don’t want to damage the ecology. Finally, Shelter Dome provided several Geodome Tents to fulfill their needs.

Dia.6m Dia.7m Dia.10m Outdoor Dome Tents Locate in the Forest

Shelter Dome has to mention that Geodome Tent is versatile, with the possibility to host concerts, shows, festivals, and etc. In Australia, our client fully utilizes its potential.

Because the resort positions itself as offering a range of complementary health and wellness activities. Therefore, it is used for various kinds of workshops (tea workshop, mindful art workshop, etc.), yoga, picnic, and many more activities.

To reflect the value of the resort, they pick the transparent PVC to cover the geodome. Since clear PVC tarpaulin lets in plenty of natural sunlight, which is beneficial to health. What’s more, artificial light is no need because of the plenty of daylight.

Dark Dome: Understanding How It Is To Be 100% Blind

The resort needs a dark dome to let their guests fully appreciate how it is to be 100% blind. Therefore, we provide a dome in full block-out design (Customize Geodomes right now). Covering the tarpaulin in dark gray, the dark dome is totally dark.

The dark dome is equipped with a round hoop door to meet the requirement. Besides, the resort made an internal entry to improve the design. It enables easy entry and exit from the space without disturbing the darkness.

Geodome Tent: The Attractive Solution To Many Needs

From temporary Promotion Domes and Projection Domes to more permanent Greenhouse Domes and Glamping Domes, Shelter Dome has created custom Geodome Tents for all sorts of applications. However, we believe that it is what the consumers do with the domes that matter in the big picture.

Free Span Design Provides Maximum Amount Of Interior Space

Geodomes belong to free span building. They don’t require any support poles or guy wires and provide the maximum amount of interior space. Because of this, Geodesic Domes can be adapted for a wide variety of use cases.

Portability Of The Geodome Tent

Geodome Tents are not only suited to all types of terrains but are fully portable. They can be easily dismantled and be assembled again quickly. Consequently, Dome Tent owners can easily move the Event Domes and hold diverse activities.

Customize With Shelter Dome

Shelter Dome provides companies and individuals worldwide with durable, reliable, low-maintenance Outdoor Dome Tents to fulfill their needs. For those that desire it, we also offer onsite consulting services to aid in the design process. Get a free quote now!

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