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Geodesic Glamping Dome

Whether you are looking for a midweek or weekend break with the family or just the two of you, our latest geodesic glamping dome additions will provide you with a cosy and alternative holiday accommodation. Geodesic glamping domes are located in their own scenic ‘dome village’ overlooking the breathtaking views of green land, lake and or mountain. Each spacious interior is furnished with high quality and essential extras. SHELTER-DOME offers luxury dome camps around the world : Our geodesic glamping dome creates dreams of bespoke trips and experiences worldwide. It’s the perfect venue to sleep under the stars, queen-sized bed, while also enjoying all the creature comforts of a private —you can see the city, stars and moon, and experience this whole terrific visual.

Garden Dome – Kids Play Area

Of course, you could always use it for other purposes beyond glamping. It is, after all, actually sold to be used as a greenhouse or backyard dome igloo. The stunning backyard dome igloo is perfect for dome kit that can work as a backyard retreat, glamping lodge, or kids play area. Nobody will complain if you use it as a dinner party space, or your own glamping oasis. The design also maximizes airflow to keep a uniform temperature throughout the lodge, and it’s also wind and snow resistant, meaning you may even be able to glamp in your lodge all year long. From a wood burning stove to bean bag seating, electric LED lamps, and an external firepit, geodesic glamping dome creates a truly unique and enjoyable retreat for all ages.
Have you been thinking about how you can start a backyard lodge business? A lodge is a great investment for the entrepreneur. Why not take your hobby to the next level? Now you can enjoy the income from garden dome, reward yourself with extra income, and share in your bounty while making money with your dome house business venture. It is also a good source of extra money, a best way to start your own part-time geodesic dome business, growing for profit in your backyard garden.

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