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Geodesic Dome House Suite For Sale

Campsite owners are always want to provide an unforgettable experience and surprise their guests. Luckily, glamping dome house maybe the unique accommodation that all the campsites owners are looking for. 7m/23ft geodesic dome houses provide guests with 38 sqm/409sq ft space for glamping. With partition walls, guests can enjoy all the hotel-like comforts, including a bedroom, kitchen fittings, and a private bathroom. In addition, 8m/26ft glamping domes provide as much as 50 sqm/538sq ft indoor living space for guests. Campsite owners can design freely with two or three beds to fit a family.

High-Quality Geodesic Dome Tents Meet Needs

The frameworks are constructed of galvanized steel, which provides rust protection in any weather. Also, wrapping by high-grade PVC membrane, the whole geodome tent is waterproof and flame-resistant. What’s more, to keep warm inside, campsite owners can order insulation layers in the cold winters.

Indoor Living Space In Glamping Dome

The 23ft or 26ft geodesic dome houses, including king-sized bed, private bathroom, kitchen fittings, and living room facilities, are perfect for a short-term hospitality business.

Living Room And Bedroom Combination

23ft or 26ft glamping dome tents stand out because of the ample space that allows creative indoor design. As you can see, there are more can be added to this luxury living room and bedroom combo. And kitchen fittings may be a good idea to surprise the guests.

Cooking a cuisine with modern kitchen fittings in the wild by the guests themselves can be an amazing experience. Also, sitting near the bay window, guests would enjoy the meal and stunning view at the same time.

Geodesic Dome Tent-shelter dome-shelter domos
Geodesic Dome Tent-private bathroom-shelter dome-shelter domos

Private Bathroom

The wooden partition wall divides the geodesic dome house into two separated parts, one for living room and bedroom combined, another part for private bathroom.

The private bathroom in each dome house can be perfect for most of the guests to keep their privacy. Because some guests face the challenges of using common bathrooms because they are shy or privacy-conscious.

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