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Are you planning a beach house but have no idea about the design? Maybe this text will bring you some sprite and design ideas. This text will show you a project about Japan beach house. The beach house is constructed by several Diameter 7m dome tents. Every dome can accommodate 4-8 persons, which is suitable for family or friends’ trip. The meaning of a trip mainly includes two parts — Throw out the mess and calm the heart down. Going sightseeing is processing to throw out and forget the mess. Rest is for calming the heart down and enjoy the moment. So accommodation environment plays an important role as icing on the cake on a trip. A warming and sentimental living environment will be impressive. In another word, the unique accommodation that you operated will spread far and wide.
Such as the project, becomes a hot spot in local because of the unique and comfortable accommodation. It is charming and attractive from the dome structure to the inner decoration. Compared with the normal hotel that is surrounded by the boring and unchanging cement wall, the dome tents with a big transparent window shortens the distance between nature and visitors. The wave, the stars is at the fingertips. Different from the normal camp tent, the dome tents are sturdy. No matter what weather or climate outside, you can operate as usual.
dome tents- dewell tent - shelter living dome (10)
dome tents- dewell tent - shelter living dome (10)
dome tents- dewell tent - shelter living dome (10)
dome tents- dewell tent - shelter living dome (10)
The color of the interior insulation layer of dome tents can be customized to adapt to different themes like this project and meet various visitor’s demands. All dreams should be respected and treated seriously. Shelter Dome is willing to help you install your own accommodation and witness your dream come true.

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