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Choosing Shelter Dome Amusement Park Dome Tent

The Dome Construction with PVC Coated Polyester Fabric

The fabric is made of 850g/sqm coated blockout white PVC, which features water proof and UV resistant. The geodesic dome is suitable for amusement dome tent. Even in the snow themed amusement park  or ski field, the dome can easy to handle the icy weather. The cover is also flame retardant, which is up to American standard(DIN4102, B1, M2) and European standard(NFPA701). Therefore the dome tent can give the guests a comfortable and safety lounge after a great day of activities.

The Geo Dome with Steady Spherical Structure

With geodesic dome structure, the event dome is very durable and spacious inside. Without any supporting pole inside, the interior space can be 100% utilized. To attract the audience and increase leisure facility diversity, You can build it into indoor amusement park, such as children recreation ground, space museum, etc.

Diversified Printed Graphic on the Event Dome Cover

The color of the fabric can be white, clear, translucent, green, yellow and any other tailored colors. To match the theme of a park, the dome also print related graphic, branding logo or decals to draw a crowd.

 Connected Diversity of Domes

The Dome can be connected with each other with transition tunner, which can be flexibly expanded the using area, or you can connect 2 domes directly. You can also connect the construction with the dome that serve as a reception or only a residential shelter.

The Dome Tent as Muti-Functional Area in Amusement park

  •  Lounge dome/reception area
  •  Indoor amusement area: cinema, children recreation ground, aquarium, swimming pool
  •  Dinning hall: Buffet room, cafe room, restaurant
  •  Transition tunner/walkway

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