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Jump Into It! Feel The Snow Indoor!

What a wonderful experience of jumping into a ball pit like on smooth snow land! As the professional PVC dome tent manufacturer, Shelter Dome has rich experience in designing and building spherical dome tent for any event. This time, we offer 12m geodesic designs for Winterfest event. The PVC fabric is printed into the cloud pattern. Creating an outdoor atmosphere under such weatherproof venue. In the center of the interior space, this is a ball pit filled with 50,000 white ‘snow’ balls. All of the guests have fun and joy, jumping into it. Shelter has supplied our dome product for any entertainment use like the golden ticket eventpop up bar and astronomy center.

What Geodesic Designs We Supplied?

Compare with the raw steel tube, the printed galvanized steel tube we provided has better performance in weather resistance and anti-chemicals. Also, this white-coated framework creates the glossy appearance. Your dome tent will be the brightest venue for any occasion. The covered membrane is thermal-cemented of 950g/sqm transparent PVC and 650g/sqm white PVC. The transparent bay window allows natural sunlight to come into the dome, at the same time the guests could enjoy the scenery 360. The printed PVC fabric could create special dome appearance for different events. Like Paddington-themed projection dome we supplied before. The visitors identify such a lovely venue in the carnival event.

Decoration & Facilities in Geodesic Designs

Spherical construction is connected by many triangle shapes which is the most stable shape in the world. Fixing by steel anchor on grassland could meet the max. windload to 80km/h. The snow load can reach 20lbs (≈9kg) which means you can hang the light system at most 9kg/sqm on the top. Without any interior pole, the stage could be arranged in the center and the guest could enjoy the live performance from 360 under the dome tent.

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