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Clear Dome Tent Structure Makes Event More Appealing

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Clear Dome Tent - 12m Transparent Dome Tent for Event in Qatar - Clear Roof Geodesic Dome for Sale - Shelter Dome (8)

Clear Dome Tent is Coming to a Holiday Event Near You

SHELTER DOME has unsurpassed experience in the delivery of geodesic dome sale solutions for all types of shows and festivals, from fashion shows to music festivals, food festivals, flower festivals and Christmas celebrations. The completely transparent version of the 12 meters diameter geodesic dome tent is coming to a holiday event near you. It lets in lots of natural light, and lets outsiders see all the holiday merriment within! The usable area of this clear dome tent is 113 m2 which – when combined with proper arrangement – allows for serving more than 150 guests at the same time and providing ample space for displaying. It can be erected in a mall or shopping center as a Santa Claus Workshop where kids can have fun; it can also be built in a city center as a catering facility for food festivals… You will find that geodesic event tents large and small are often employed at all manner of festivals. The appealing structure makes the moments all the more memorable.

Design, Manufacture and Installation

Made in a hemisphere form, Shelter Dome is one of the product innovations that SHELTER STRUCTURES has released. As the latest sensation in event venues compared to normal temporary structures, geodesic event dome looks awesome, are extremely robust to make a temporary building much more durable and offer endless branding opportunities, especially in immersive 360-degree environments.
Our geodesic dome sales are as varied as the events we supply to. We supply standard dome tent structures as well as custom made dome structures to meet every client’s requirements. Available in 3 meters to 80 meters in diameter, our geodesic dome structures are made from stainless steel frames and hot dip galvanized steel components. The membranes on the temporary building are highly durable, made of polyester fabric, which is easy to keep clean and resistant to scratches because of its smooth surface. You can opt for a dome with a transparent front, full front or whole transparent cover. The choice is yours!
Our geodesic event dome structures are designed to build easily and quickly and can be put up anywhere, on any terrain. You can build them with a floor system or wood platform; or you can consider additional ballast to weigh down and secure the temporary structure, especially in the case of floorless tents. With the obvious advantages like lower upfront costsease of transportationquick installationcomplete customisation and virtually maintenance free, that’s why our dome tents can be the perfect solution for your event.

Speak to Us about Our Holiday Domes Solutions

As specialists in the field of geodesic domes, SHELTER DOME is always happy to advise you on the best available solution to meet the specific needs of your event. Why not speak to one of our knowledgeable sale managers today to discuss all your geodesic dome purchase options? Simply fill out the Inquiry Form below to contact us. Also, you can email us at or call us on +86 139 2885 8552 to get a quote. We will get back to you shortly.

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