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A chain coffee shop desired to expand its market around the country and came to Shelter Dome. After knowing the local climate, transparent cafe igloo that meets wind load and snow load are provided.
Recently, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants are more than a place for dining. Customers always want to explore more and look for a unique experience. For restaurants or coffee shop managers, it is significant to create these kinds of unforgettable experiences. And dome igloos can help in providing a special experience for customers.

Igloo Bar Creates Appealing Place For Customers

Igloo cafe is all about the visual experience. The restaurant igloos are made of galvanized steel structure and covered by transparent PVC fabric. Therefore, guests can see through the transparent PVC fabric and enjoy the outdoor view. Also, its transparent design is perfect for light innovation. Once completed with twinkling lights, the dome igloo looks even more charming at night. Guests love to share these kinds of photos with their social media account and let more potential guests know the igloo cafe.

Independent Igloo Dome Has Better Experience

There are at least two benefits that an igloo can bring to guests. Undoubtedly, independent igloo provides an independent place for all the guests. Firstly, guests can have their own “room” and not bothering by other guests with a loud voice. Also, it guarantees the privacy of the guests as well. Secondly, the best thing about dining in the igloo dome is its great comfort. Because of the sturdy structure and high-grade PVC fabric, the cafe igloo can handle strong wind or heavy snow while setting outdoors. In the freezing winter, customers can feel warm in the igloo. But in the hot summer, guests can have a cool feeling in the dome igloo. Shelter Dome customize two triangle windows to guarantee indoor ventilation. On sunny days, guests can open the windows and let some fresh air in. But in the rainy days, it is better to close the window and keep the rain out. Besides the windows, dome owners can equip the dome with air-conditioner for ventilation.

Versatility Of Dome Igloo

Dome igloos are versatile and suitable in many situations.

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