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Amphitheater Dome Concert Venue - Shelter Dome Concept Design

Amphitheater Dome Serves As Concert Venue

60' Amphitheater Dome for Concert Venue

The amphitheater dome for the outdoor concert venue is pre-engineered to meet or exceed standard building codes regarding snow load (0.5kN/m2), wind load (62 mph) and earthquakes. It’s a mobile structure which is designed to illuminate with both the natural light and projections and create the atmosphere of being close to nature, in a comfortable environment.

The structural frame is galvanized steel profile, making the structure extremely strong even without center poles. It can also support sound and lighting equipment up to 50kg each knot. The outer shell is a flame retardant PVC coated polyester fabric. The size of the domed stage in the wide part is 18 meters.

Our free-standing amphitheater dome provides an unparalleled capacity and unobstructed view to host your outdoor concert, nighttime light show, digital projection and other events. The structure of temporary geodesic dome can be fastened to the ground, or surface anchors, or fastened with weights. It can also be built on the water to be a floating dome according to your needs.

For a better visual effect, the concert dome tent can be covered with a translucent PVC fabric which can create a striking image backdrop for projections visible from both inside and outside the dome structure. We will provide standard or customized dome structure drawings upon request, showing you your domes in a natural setting.


Example Specifications

Diameter (m) 18
Height (m) 9
Capacity 225 Seated

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