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Outdoor Dining Pods

dining pod for sales - igloo tent
The 4m transparent dome is made of PVC fabric and steel frame. The combination of them ensures safety while presenting an elegant and attractive appearance. It is no doubt that many industries are hard hit by COVID-19. Many operators are trying their best to make it recovery like the past time. The 4m dome that can be installed in 3 hours emerges as the times required. It helps a lot of businesses that trapped by social distancing.

Multi-functional Igloo Tent

Social distancing is starting to shape the way we interact and live. Almost all the operators of the catering and activity are suffering the trouble and have no idea to solve it. Now, the opportunity, the dome is coming. The lucky and fortune always come to the people that gain the initiative. Waiting is a loss, trying means success.

Igloo For Outdoor Dining

Catering is the industry most affected by the epidemic. Because of the social distancing, parts of persons prefer to cook at home rather than go outside. Thus, many restaurants and cafes are bleak even close down. The catering dome can ease the tension lead by COVID-19. One dome with one table is a perfect solution. It can effectively cut off the route of infection.

4m Transparent Dome — Social Distancing Solution 1

Igloo For Fitness

In order to decrease the rate of infection, all the gyms are closed temporarily. So many sports lovers have no place to exercise at the stage of fitness becoming a trend. Based on this condition, someone found that the dome also can be a replacement for the gym. One dome is just allowed one person to use. Enough place and safe enough. It is difficult for dome not to be the Latest Social Distancing Fitness Trend.
4m Transparent Dome — Social Distancing Solution 1

Igloo For Outdoor Cinema

Why not use it in the outdoor cinema? It can provide every viewer with an independent space to enjoy the film. On the premise of ensuring safety, the dome also will not block the view.

dining pod for sales - igloo tent

Igloo For Christmas Decor

The igloo also can be used as the Christmas Decoration for pop up market or your own backyard. When the LED lights hang on the igloo, a fancy lounge is born.

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