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4m Dining Dome – An Additional Boost to Your Restaurant

Looking for a premium glamping dome manufacturer?

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Use The Multi-size Dining Domes To Create An Glamorous Restaurant

To stand out from the crowdy catering industry, not only need to provide the guest with delicious dishes and good services but also a unique environment to enhance customer satisfaction and return rate. Glamorous design in restaurants impacts customer psychology and appetite, which decides whether the customers wanna walk into your restaurant, how many dishes they want to order, and how long they want to stay. What’s most important, in the age of Instagram, pretty restaurant design is your restaurant’s silent but useful salesman. None will choose not to share an exquisite and special dining experience on their social media. Shelter Restaurant Dome can meet your request. Every single igloo with a unique dome shape looks like a silent and independent planet, especially at night. It is no doubt that it would be a novel experience for guests to enjoy dining in such a glamorous environment. No matter how bad the weather outside, the guest can dine as usual. In other words, the weather will not be a limitation of the outdoor dining space. What’s more, the dining dome also is the best solution to social distancing.

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