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Projection Background:
An Eco Resort wants to purchase spacious dwell domes that can fit 4 guests, providing a unique glamping experience locally. Therefore, Shelter offered 5m & 6m adjoined 4 man dome tent to meet its needs.


In This Project We Provided:
♦ 5m & 6m Adjoined Dome
♦ Insulation Layer
♦ Floor System

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4 Man Dome Tent For Eco Resort

Why Choose Adjoined Dome?

There are three benefits of setting adjoined dome for glamping. Firstly, adjoined dome provides ample space, a 5m & 6m adjoined dome provides around 42 sqm indoor space, which is similar to an 8m glamping dome. Secondly, guests can have two relatively independent spaces. Last but not least, the adjoined dome allows creative interior design.

Deluxe 4 Man Dome Tent With Living Room And Bedroom

5m eco-living dome and 6m dwell dome connect together to provide amazing glamping experience. That is because Shelter provided custom design, including the floor system, frame structure, PVC cover, windows, and insulation layer.

Bedroom:4 man dome tent / 6m dome tent

6m dome tent has ample space perfectly fit for 4 king-size beds and nightstands, a lamp, tables and other facilities. As we mentioned before, it allows various interior designs. Therefore, guests can pick the room with modern design in blue or natural taste in orange.

Both the living room and the bedroom are equipped with insulation layers, keeping the best indoor temperature. Also, Shelter customs two skylight windows in the bedroom, letting natural light in.

Living Room: 5m dome tent

When the guests enter into the dome tent, there is a sofa, round coffee table, and chairs. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend a luxurious time relaxing on the sofa.

Sitting on the sofa, guests can overlook the mountain or lake through the large bay window. Moreover, guests can enjoy the starry sky from the skylight window as well.

*Tip for dome owner: Cleaning the insulation layer made from Shelter Dome could be easy, time-saving and cost-saving.

Floor System: Setting Almost Everywhere

The location of this project is really special. One side of the resort towards the pure lake and the other side towards the mountain. And glamping domes can be easily installed on it and other terrains, including desert, prairie, beach, mountain and forest. Because Shelter provides the floor system that fits for tough terrains.

As the surrounding environment is soothing and relaxing, these glamping domes leave the guest with an unforgettable experience. And from the resort manager’s perspective, the perfect location together and the exceptional glamping domes lead to more traffic and profits.

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How To Build A Geodesic Dome?

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