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Unique 2 Person Dome Tent For Romantic Getaway

Projection Background:
A campsite owner decided to add a unique dome tent to attract more guests and grow business of course. Since the campsite targets lovers or couples who desire a romantic getaway, 2 person dome tent is the best choice. Therefore, we provide a 5m glamping dome that can fit 2 guests.


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Unique 2 Person Dome Tent For Romantic Getaway

Increasing people long for escaping from the city and heading off to the mountains. Fortunately, getting close to nature doesn’t mean roughing it. Guests can pick a 2-person glamping dome tent, which allows guests to be immersive in nature with hotel-like comfort.

Panorama View Of The Mountain

Entering the glamping dome, guests can have the panorama view of a gorgeous mountain. Guests can see the green mountain both outdoor and indoor. Also, the bay window lets plenty of sunshine in, therefore, there is no need to turn on light in the daytime.

Also, each 5m glamping dome offers 19m² living space for guests. It can fit a queen-size bed, foldable sofa, coffee table with seating, etc.

Glamping dome tent provides hotel-like comfort-glamping dome-Shelter Dome-1


The round glass window is equipped in the 2 person dome tent. Compared with the transparent PVC window, glass window benefits for ventilation. It helps to replace the air in the glamping dome to provide high indoor air quality. In addition, solar-powered exhaust ventilation fan is an option for better ventilation.


There could be a huge temperature difference between noon and night in the wildness. However, the insulation layer can keep the best temperature, creating a comfortable indoor environment. Without the insulation layer, guests would feel freeze at night as the dome membrane is thin and cannot keep the cold out.

Natural Feeling

Some guests may notice that this 2 person dome tent is covered by a membrane in beige color. As we know, beige color, or the natural color of wool, is very popular in home design and decoration. In this project, we bring this neutral, calm, and relaxing feeling to the glamping dome design.

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