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Dome MAX

2000 m² Geodesic Dome is now available
Perfectly for Events, Exhibitions & Festival

Premium Event Dome

Perfect event solution for world-class festival, performance and trade fair. The high volume of the dome visitors in exceptional conditions, making them wish the event experience could last forever.

Consider this dome if you are thinking about creating an luxurious event for your premium guests.

Base : 700 m²/ 7500 sq ft
Diameter : 30 m / 1000 ft
Height : 12 m / 35 ft

Grand Exhibition Dome

The most attractive and spacious exhibition dome available. More space allows for upholding an world-class event such as trade fair and formal affair etc. on your site.

Consider this dome if you want to uphold an large-scale exhibition for your valuable clients, wholesalers, and distributors etc.

Base : 1960 m²/ 21000 sq ft
Diameter : 50 m / 1500 ft
Height : 18 m / 60 ft

Make your event unique, make your guests feel luxury

Choose Shelter Premium Event Dome to create a four-season formal events, world-class festival or performance. Go for Grand Exhibition Dome to create a dedicated trade show and formal affair for your valuable clients and visitor.

30 m / 1000 ft

700 m²/ 7500 sq ft

50 m / 1500 ft

1960 m²/ 21000 sq ft

Comprehensive Integrated Dome Tent Solution

01 | Planning & design

Our experienced team of 2D designers will design conceptual 2D renderings and videos.

02 | Engineering

All of our structures are designed to fit the actual site. Also, we will guarantee that the dome tent could withstand the local weather.

03 | Manufacturing

Shelter’s factory is in charge of the main frame and PVC cover manufacturing. The entire manufacturing process is certified in ISO 9001 : 2015 standard.

04 | Shipping

All the frame, membrane, and other components could be packed carefully, fitting inside containers for transportation.

05 | Installation

As the dome tent structure is easy to install, the equipment and labor costs are much lower than the traditional building. For the large construction, we will send our engineer for installation guidance.

06 | Tracking

Your dedicated project manager could offer 7/24 service for your further question.

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