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2755-1 Kawakami, Iizuna, Kamiminochi District, Nagano 389-1226


-4 - 30℃


5 + 6m twin dome tent

Glamping has been a trend

The life pressure always drives the persons away from the lifeless and breathless city. Everyone wants to reach a land of idyllic beauty away from life trivia in their free time. Thus, glamping that means living luxury and relaxed life in the wilderness space becomes part of our life. And the dome tent stands out from other glamping tents with its unique charm. Almost all camps that built with camping dome has become a hot spot in local, like the Japan Glamprook.

Shelter twin dome tent

The camp is built with an adjoined camping dome which is connected with the diameter 5m and diameter 6m dome as room and living room respectively. The special design creates a bigger space and achieves the effect of clear space function division, providing the residents with a perfect visual field and protect their privacy. The living room is equipped with fully transparent French windows and skylights which cut the block between the guest and nature. The residents can enjoy the scenery in the room by the window. The blue sky and the galaxy reflect on the window in day and night, table and eyes without any impurity, which is peaceful and attractive.

Besides charming appearance and interior design, the sturdy structure is also an important point why they choose us. Shelter Camping Dome Tent performs strong weather resistance. The camp can be operated in any weather and season. No matter which seasons your guest want to live in, the interior insulation layer can keep them comfortable like staying in spring. The camping dome makes the guest get close to nature with the most comfortable accommodation. What wakes them up is not the noisy alarm but the natural sound and shine. Special environment and experience always can gain many glowing reviews, which is the free advertisement at the same time.

If you are planning a camp, just contact us. We can offer you a complete project plan according to the environment of the camp and which style you want.

What the guests said

This was our 1st glamping experience. My husband and I stayed here for 3 nights. The main building has a minimalistic yet grand look. It’s a beautiful place with a great location far away from the city. You can immerse yourself in nature in a luxurious way. The domes gave it a futuristic touch in nature.
Cassandra Boh
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5 stars for dome and common space. The tents are great and very very comfy. The only down side is no entertainment or toilets.
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Mi G
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It’ll be nice to fall asleep to the stars in our room, and wake up to the mountains. The room is also quite spacious.
Cassandra Boh
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