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Project information 


July, 2017


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  • Dia. 40m Projection Dome
  • Lounge Dome Tent

Multipurpose dome tent for outdoor ceremonies and conferences 

The event tent was finished to be installed in time and witness such an important event, the opening event of Hamad Port. The port plays an important role in worldwide trading by providing direct marine shipping routes. Thus, the opening ceremony is greatly concerned by people from all walks of life. When Shelter Structure was tasked with the tent supplier, we felt Incomparably glorious and attach great importance to it.
Through communicating detail by detail based on the activity flow, the plan beyond the expectation was accomplished eventually. The determined plan is that there are 4 large domes in 3 different sizes that would be constructed, which to be applied to 3 event venues.
event dome - event tent for sales - large dome tent

40m Projection Dome

The largest one, diameter 40m projection dome is used as the main venue. Here, all participants tracked back the navigation history following the 360°immersive projection. Cooperating with the immersive sound system, a simulated time machine was constructed. It leads them to enter the development of navigation and made them drowned in the story and the flying time.
In the meantime, the outdoor show was prepared. Once the movie was over, three detached fabrics will be moved out and a transparent natural screen was born. The audience could enjoy the outdoor performance without changing the seat.

Exhibition & Lounge

The 25m event tent is decorated as an exhibition hall. It displayed lots of antiques from the broad sea. The exhibition was full of a historical atmosphere. A mysterious space was created for modern people to connect with a historical personage. The setting of the exhibition hall can not only echo the theme of the activity but also undertake the video, which makes the participants have an endless aftertaste. The smallest domes were private lounge rooms for guests to rest.
It is one of our key projects. During the last years, we accomplished numerous projects delivering top-notch projection domes with full service all over the world! Welcome to contact us and take your event to a higher level.

event dome - event tent for sales - large dome tent

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