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November, 2020


Guangzhou, China


  • Dia. 4m dome igloo
  • Dia. 6m dome tent

Creative outdoor dining spacing 

For a better view and fresh air, compared with the inner space, the guests prefer to stay outside. Thus, most catering owners create an outdoor dining space or locate the restaurant on the terrace to attract more people. However, the weather always decides whether the outdoor dining space can be put into use. In the case of rain, snow, or cold wind, the outdoor space will be empty. Dining Igloo can break the limitation. The business time can be improved greatly, no matter the weather is bad or not. What’s more, when it begins to stand there, it is a propaganda tool itself. Everyone can’t help stopping and appreciating it and want to enjoy the dining or cafe in a transparent igloo tent. In other words, it can generate more natural traffic and create more profit than ever.

outdoor dining igloo - igloo restaurant - outdoor igloo for sales

Why dome igloo?

You can’t imagine and feel how blissful and romantic it is if you don’t try to stay in the igloo with soft light. Once you try, you will find it is so unforgettable. Especially during the late afternoon, the guests can catch every moment from dawn to nightfall through the transparent fabric of the igloo. And they will find that the progress that the sky turns black from white is colorful, not only two colors.  Also, the igloo provides a private place for the customers. Not only can keep the guest away from the virus. They also can keep the secret and whisper in their mind and the soundproof igloo.

Hotspot for outdoor events

Christmas is coming. Igloo would be unique decoration for your restaurant, hotel, cafe, bar, etc. There is nothing better than enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner with a couple, friends, or family in such an appealing place. You can decorate it without any limitation. Like this project, although it is just decorated with the changeable LED light, Christmas lights or string lights, the fancy and romantic atmosphere can be created simply.

To satisfy different needs like build up the private room or lobby, a Diameter 3.6m – 50m dome is available in our company. This project includes 2 diameter 4m domes and a diameter 6m dome. They are suitable respectively for 2-4 people and 8-10 people.

Maybe you are worrying whether it can’t catch up for Christmas. Don’t worry. Generally, the dome can be installed in one day and put into use. But for more time to prepare, the sooner you decide, the betterJust click and contact us.

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