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Glamping Living & Reception Hall Project in Desert Resort - Shelter Dome

Glamping Living & Reception Hall Project in Desert Resort

Delux Glamping Resort on Desert

Shelter Dome has provided turnkey solution for a glamping resort which will be opened in the desert area. Our geodome structure will serve as outdoor hotel and banquet hall. The tents we used is:
Dia. 25m Banquet Dome Tent;
Dia. 6m Glamping Dome.

As the leading dome tent manufacturer, Shelter Dome has a wide diameter range from 3m to 100m which is able to serve a different function in jungle resort including eco-living, reception hall, banquet venue, entertainment facilities, exhibition hall and more.

In this project, the dia. 25m geodesic dome as a spherical canteen in the resort. The tent can hold over 300 people. Without any interior pole, the table, chair, and other accessories can be arranged flexibly. The panoramic bay window can provide the fully natural environment. In the evening, the guests can enjoy the starry night during dinner. That will be the unforgettable memory in such a mysterious desert space.

In addition, the dia. 6m dome tents were set up for glamping lodge. The 28sqm interior space can be host one king-sized bed for 2 people. Also, we install partition wall to split the bedroom and bathroom. We offer one-stop glamping dome design solution for our clients including the facilities arrangement, electrical system, drainage system, wooden floor and other suites accessories.

How Dome Tent Set Up on Desert Area

Shelter dome has built up dia. 50m geodesic tent for cinema-themed camp on a desert area also. So how to fix the whole dome tent on such sandy surface. As the modular construction, dome tent structures can be set up on any surface including solid ground and grassland. Using weight basket to fix the structures is the ideal solution for the soft land situation.

Dia. 25m Banquet Dome

Dia. 6m Glamping Dome


dia. 25m banquet and reception dome tent with bay window

  • 25m / 82ft
  • 490sqm
  • 10m / 33ft
  • 700 People
  • 550 People
    Long Table Seat
  • 440 People
    Round Table Seat
  • 540 People
    Buffet Seat

dia. 6m glamping dome with luxury decoration

  • 6m / 20ft
  • 28.26sqm
  • 3m / 10ft
  • King-sized Bed
  • Panoramic Bay Window

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