Full Sphere Theater - 10m Projection Sphere with Golden PVC Cover - Projection Dome - Innovative Structure - Shelter Dome (2)

720° Full Sphere Dome Projection

The sphere dome for the emerging financial industry park in Guangzhou is all about technology. It turns into an immersive environment with activities aimed at exploring the innovation of science and technology.

We deliver a 10m 720-degree full sphere theater which fitted with a full colour printed cover with vinyl decals, 8 projections, a suspended footbridge, air conditioner, and stairs. The spherical space allows the panoramic content can be presented in a unique, fully immersive way. When visitors walk along the suspended footbridge, they are thoroughly surrounded by elegantly projected images and can have the pleasure of feeling like they’re outside. This 32ft spherical structure had a capacity of 10 people standing at a time.

The full sphere theater is covered with theater fabric, insulated cotton, and blackout PVC fabric, making the structure ideal for digital projection and lighting. The outer shell cover – full colour printed cover gives it the appearance that the client is looking for and visitors are drawn to. The immersive dome structure is built in two halves. With our professional construction teams and our portable geodesic design,  the full sphere is installed within two days.


meters in diameter


meters high


full sphere dome projection

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