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Dome Solution for Temporary Science Exhibition

GMIC is a global platform that connects innovators worldwide. It has become a must-attend event for companies, industry professionals and technology enthusiasts since 2009. As the exclusive dome supplier of the GMIC Beijing 2017 G. Festival in Beijing Bird’s Nest, SHELTER DOME provided a 20 meters diameter dome shape structure with bottom panoramic view windows as the IMAX technology presentation venue for this event.

The average capacity of the 65 feet diameter dome tent is up to 400 people. The spacious internal volume can be fully equipped with exhibition stands and presentation set up including LED screen, sample, large poster and more. Thus it’s ideal for a large crowd to listen to talks from the world’s leading minds, explore the latest industry trends, and experience high-tech products and innovations at the same time.

The wide external area can also be personalized and improve the brand awareness by positioning your logo or event information.


meters in diameter


meters high


square doors


sq.meters of dome

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