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Create A Glamorous Camping Memory with Desert Dome


Let’s face it: Camping in the desert is not for everyone. Whether it’s the bugs, sleeping on the sand, or the lack of plumbing, for some people, the Great Outdoors can feel more like a natural disaster than an adventure. A dry, hot desert may not sound like an attractive destination. Glamping in the desert—a slightly obnoxious term short for “glamorous camping”—wants to change that. Instead of the hard stone, sand, and too-cold sleeping bags, glamping usually includes king-size feather beds, comfy blankets, and yes, a private bathroom. When you glamp, you get all the amenities of high-end hotels set in a natural environment that’s miles away from any city. Prioritizing the resorts with great interior design and stunning surroundings, this is how you camp in style. You’ll feel transported into another world at the desert dome, perfectly secluded under the star-studded desert sky in Kumtag Desert.

Sleeping four guests in two bedrooms, this is an exclusive haven that’s been featured in just about every high-end journal you can think of. It’s easy to see why the desert dome is so celebrated. Made of aluminum and PVC cover, space is not only beautiful but instantly relaxing. There’s a soft bath space to relax your body around by evening, and plenty of lovingly curated accessories to enjoy throughout, including a selection of antique books and games. The main consideration in choosing fabric for the desert dome is longevity. The two causes of deterioration are UV and mildew. If you live in a dry desert-like area with high UV, we offer SunLite painted with Thermoshield, which reflects heat and UV off of the dome cover and dramatically extends the cover’s life expectancy. We also recommend SunShield because of its additional laminate coating protection against UV.

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