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A Guide to Design Staycation Spot

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Staycation - more fun and safer option during COVID-19

Staycation is a vocation that stays at or around the home. Staycations achieved popularity in the USA during the financial crisis of 2007 – 2010. Nowadays, because the COVID – 19 outbroken, the staycation came to people’s eyes again in 2020.


Staycations are a sublime way to escape the responsibilities of life without actually escaping town. Simply pack a bag and all the trouble encountered in work and life becomes a distant memory. Compared with going on a long trip, people will not run the risk of being infected in crowded public transport. What’s more, staycation will save a lot of fees, like airfare, gas fare, etc. Above all, staycation will be the best choice for most people to recreate. If you have noticed the tendency and plan to set up a Staycation Spot, just follow us and get A Guide to Design it.

Glamping dome tent

4m / 6m / 7m / 8m

The accommodation is the most significant. The staycation means enjoy a life that differs from the usual and take relax. Nobody will be willing to spend money on accomodating in the hotel the same as staying at home. So the staycation hotel with an attractive and unique design can be a traveler’s preference and generate more traffic for your staycation spot.

So what kind of hotel design can delight the guest? The dome tentcocoon housewaterdrop pod, and safari tent can satisfy your request. These tents can be build up in a short time and your hotel can put into use as quickly as possible. They both have special appearances that out the ordinary idea, which can pique the curiosity of the travelers. None will reject to live in it. They are full-equipment the same as the 5-star hotel. But what different from it is that they blending with nature perfectly. People can enjoy the scenery or starry sky even lying in the bed. For the people that used to running on the journey of life, it is a rare opportunity to slow down the step and appreciate the scenery around him that he has no time to discover.

Then is the entertainment and restaurant or bar in the staycation. Actually, the dome is multi-functional, so you also can install the entertainment and catering project with the dome. It will form travelers with an impressive memory point. The color of the PVC fabric of the dome can be customized. Dia 3.6m -50m domes are available in Shelter Dome. The big size dome can be used as an event tent, reception tent, etc. There is enough inner space for the owner to decorate it. And the frame is sturdy enough to stand the weight of the light or other decoration that required to hang out.

The small dome is a creative solution to social distancing like the 4m transparent dome. One table in one dome. The guest staying in the dome decorated with soft light in the night just like sitting on an independent planet. Not only no need to worry to be bothered by others, but also keep themselves from the virus. If you are unaware of the preparation steps, you can click this text: “How to set up dome camp within 40days” to get more information. The more prepared, the better.

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