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8 Reasons to Invest in the Glamping Domes!

How to invest or upgrade in glamping? How long is the return on investment period? Can I use our idle land for Airbnb accommodation? Read the article to find out how big the potential of glamping dome investments is!

1. Minimum risk and low maintenance.

All the geodome dome is designed with self-assembly in mind for experienced or fresh glamping owners. Using our manuals, you can easily build up and dismantle the dome structure on your own. At the same time, you are able to remove the property to another location where own better business prospects on glamping. As the spherical structure, the dome tent could be installed all year round, and there is no need to dismantle off-season, even if they are unoccupied.  

2. Enrich the glamping type and welcome a new group of guests.

Glamping is attracing a new group of customers, according to a KOA report on camping trends, 64% of travelers agree that glamping is a unique vacation experience. Among of them, 56% people agree that the reason of glamping is waiting to stay in unique accommodations. Also 67% people desire for a unique outdoors experience. Different from traditional glamping tents, geodome tent offer more stylish interior options, facilities and cozy hospitality environment.

3. Reach higher income per night

Full-equipped glamping dome is one of the highest price hospitality type among of all type of outdoor glamping accommodations. Compare with traditional bell tent, yurt and cabin, geodesic dome is offering more upscale and more cozy living environment. The new or experience glampers are seeking a unique accommodation experience and willing to pay more to try it.

4. Extend the operation season in any climate and any weather.

Most of the glampsite owner is facing the problem that the exited glamping tent cannot keep all year round and low insulation during the Winter. The geodesic domes from Shelter Dome are 100% waterproof and well-equipped in temperature insinuated. Thanks to the 4-season running, the return on investment can be even faster.

Creekside RNR Glamping, Canada
Hamirunomori, Japan

5. Become the hot spot glampsite in your region.

According to the KOA report shows, 56% of people want to be the first to try something new on vacation. As the raising accommodation type in the glamping field, geodome is bringing high flow in Facebook, Instagram, and other glamping communities. “Our guests absolutely love the domes. We have many bookings from people looking for something special, cool and quick. They have been a huge drawcard for people. We have now ordered more, and soon we will have six domes from Shelter Dome.” Amber Tyrrell, the owner of Valley Views Glamping. The sooner you realize the investment potential of the glamping dome, the more profits and stronger the glamping position you will own.

Valley Views Glamping achieves "Dream Holidays 2021" in ESCAPE magazine.

6. Quick return on investment (ROI) in one season

Return on Investment period varies depending on several factors but most of our clients report that they achieve complete ROI on their fully featured dome purchase within one busy season!

7. Build anywhere, use the idle land.

Return on Investment period varies depending on several factors but most of our clients report that they achieve complete ROI on their fully featured dome purchase within one busy season!

8. Diversify your business and enhance the value of public place of the glampsite

Shelter big domes is offering more function to attract more guests, like glamping weddings, corporate events, catering service, yoga retreats, sports training… Setting up a biggest dome to create one-stop glamping area including restaurant, cafe, social area, lounge space, bar, reception and more.

8m Yoga Retreats
10m Cafe Dome
25m Biggest Dining Dome in Wadi Rum

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