igloo pod during winter

When thinking of glamping in winter, you might imagine an elegantly furnished safari tent with their canvas flaps pinned back, alfresco meals at a table under a canopy of twinkle lights, and days spent frolicking in the great outdoors. Dump several feet of snow on this scene and suddenly all that communing with nature doesn’t sound fun at all. In a pod surrounded by snow, you’ll completely be immersed in white nature with staying warm even if a storm is raging around you. The silence, snowy landscape still offers plenty of chances to romp around, and you can prepare a meal in day and night by a wood-burning stove.

Various places feature huge windows or skylights so you can recline on a fluffy bed to look for shooting stars. Living in a dome covered with snow looks like something out of a fairy tale. Its large windows let in plenty of sunshine during the day, and at night the wood-burning stove and underfloor heating keep things snug. Surrounded by snow forest, these geodesic igloo pods are decorated in white after the snowy day. With a 16-foot-wide window on its roof, enabling guests to watch for the aurora borealis at night.

Explore an outdoor adventure, the geodesic igloo pod is set with a big tub which is able to enjoy a hot bath after exhausting activities. Our geodesic igloo pod is accessed by a staircase. Sure there’s Wi-Fi, but you might not need it: When you’re not out enjoying the snow, you might find that rather than scrolling through Instagram, you’d prefer to curl up with a mug of tea and take in the winter wonderland from your lofty vantage point. And you may not see it under the snow, but the house features a living roof, covered with different plants and grasses.

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