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10m Gedesic dome event tent

10m Geodesic dome event tent

Multiple entrance options

Customized transparent part

Multiple domes connected

Relocate to any location

The 10m geodesic dome event tent is the popular design for outdoor or indoor event venue, accommodating more than 100 persons it provides an attractive look for any purpose. The dome tent is stylish, practical, easy installation and convenient to transport. It’s great for ticket sales booth, reception center, cafeteria, dining space, and much more. Also, the 10m dome tent may be used as a 720 immersive projection theater.

Dome tent can offer exclusive space even for hard-to-reach places, we are expanding the dome tent design for you to select. This dome tent requires approximately 4 persons and 6 hours to erect. Just simply let us know any requests you may have, we will do our best to help make your event smooth and successful.

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