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Steel Structure

Dome Structure

We are offering two options surface treatment of steel elements, galvanized (sliver color)and powder-coated (white color). The material meets the Q235 standards. All the steel is secured by an anti-corrosion coating both inside and out.

Sustainable Space Solution

Our dome structure are entirely relocatable and environmentally friendly. Over 95% of the structure can be reused, easily dismantled, and moved to another location at any time. The whole installation process does not involve construction waste, noise pollution, or welding.

connected dome tent for outdoor activity - large gedeosic dome tent - shelter dome tent

Need more space? No problem!

Tunnel system

The arched tunnels enable to join the domes (same size or different sizes) together to an eye-catching looking or large space for reception. The size and length of the tunnel can be adjusted to the actual need.

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