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Fabric Domes

Any-size, customized design dome tent for events, glamping, projection and much, more

Shelter is offering wide diameter selection of dome tent (4 to 50m). They are perfect for branding, promotional events, projection, music festival, wedding, glamping and much more. The tent covers come fully white, partly clear, or fully transperant. Customized branding printing is also available in our company.
The walk tunnel can be easily added to connect each dome, creating larger or one-stop reception space.
We also provied fixing accessories, door, windows, skylight, solar fan can be custom installed to fix any need.


Our dome tent structures are entirely pre-fabricated at the factory and assembled on site, the whole installation process does not involve construction waste, noise pollution or welding. The whole structure coul be relocated, over 95% of the components can be reused to other applications.

Galvanized steel struts

The structure is made of Q235 steel tube with high quality galvanized. The steel pipes is galvanized inside and out.

Powder coated

The steel parts can be painted in white color. More elegant and glossy appreance.

PVC membrane cover

The covered membrance is made of high-quality PVC fabric which has perfect performance in UV resistance, fire retardent and weather resistance. The cover is designed in one piece to avoid rainwater and insect interior intrusion.

Fully Opaque

The opaque membrane creates shading space and blocks sunlight, 100% UV rediation inside the tent. Except the standard white color, we also provide dark green and yellow for options.

Transparent front

The standard size of transperant front is 30% of the whole shell cover. Providing partial shading, more sunlight and visibility from outside. The clear part can be custom designed in any shape to fit your need.

Fully transparent

The clear dome tent allows 360-degree views of your surroundings while dining or socialising outside.

Additional design


Shelter provides different options of door to fix any applications: round hoop with zipper, single or double aluminum glass door. For safety consideration, we recommend intallation of 2 or more door for large dome structure.

Customized printing

Available in any size, PVC printing can create unique and personalized environment of the dome tent. Our design team can provide partly or fully printing idea for your need.

Walking tunnel

The arched tunnels enable to join the domes (same size or different sizes) togother to a eye-catching looking or large space for reception. The size and length of the tunnle can be adjusted to the actuall need.

4m Dome Igloo

The smallest dome tent in our offer, Shelter dome 13 usually serves as dining pod in restaurants and glamping site. Using transperant PVC to allow sunlight and views come inside.

5m Dome Igloo

One of the smallest dome tents we offer, Shelter dome 20 is the ideal option to be the leisure space in your garden. The installation is rapid with simple tools by 2 people.

6m Dome Tent

The smallest dwell dome option for offering perfectly tailored living space for couple or a small family. The entire assembly processing could be finished in 2 - 3 hours with a crew of 2.

7m Dome Tent

The perfect dome size for creation of cozy and intimate space for glamping. It's optimal inner space could cover en-suite bedroom and additional furnishings like kitchen facilities and dining desk.

8m Dome Tent

Consider 8m dome tent if you are running campsite for weekend staycation and graduation trip. The bigger families and a group of friends could enjoy the gathering time under such a large space.

10m Event Dome

80m² internal space to cover more furnishing and facilities, ideal to be common space such as: reception center, cafeteria, etc. on your campsite. Also, it is usually used as branding events space.

12m Dome Tent

The dia. 12m dome tent is covering 115m² inner space, hosting 50 or more attendees. It always creates spectacular and eye-catering venue for promotional events and exhibition tent hall.

15m Dome Tent

The dia. 15m dome tent is the popular options of event rental industry which does not require heavy equipment for installation. Ideal for party hall, children's playroom, projection cinema etc..

18m Event Dome

Thanks to its 250sqm of floor space, the dia. 18m is useful for much more than events and conferences - among other uses, it can be used as workshop or studio.

20m Event Dome

With over 300sqm of interior floor spaces, dia. 20m dome tent can serve as a temporary or permanent venue for hotel, wedding hall, club, theater, ceremony venue etc..

25m Dome Wedding

Dia. 25m dome tent is ideal to be a semi-permanent space that could bear additional loads. We can easily equip the dome with lights, sound, or audio-visual equipment.

30m dome tent for sale - best glamping dome supplier in China

30m Large Dome Tent

One of the biggest dome tents we offer, Shelter dome 700 gives you a large space for banquets, projection shows, ceremonies, and weddings in any location you want.

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