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Forest Lodge – Nestled Inside The Bamboo Forest


Nestled inside the bamboo forest, a dense canopy provides privacy, and floor to ceiling windows invite the forest in, with the wonderful opportunity to view wildlife roaming outside your glass “bubble”, fluttering birds nesting in the foliage and the gentle rustle of bamboo forest sounds. More than 10 years ago bamboo forest lodge was born with the intention of sharing exceptional new style destinations that deserve to be visited and revisited by foreign travelers and tourists. Specialist dwell dome can be arranged in advance and focus on special interests such as birding, photographic, family and private dome.

SHELTER forest lodge can hold snow, wind and rain with the best designs in architecture, as well as enjoy a famous reputation of energy-efficient, comfortable, and elegant housing. Our bamboo forest geodesic dome offer to solve many economic and environmental challenges that traditional building methods and materials simply don’t address. Bamboo dome is a small dwell Lodge with a big heart for the forest. The dwell dome accommodate up to 6 guests at the same time, so we can insure excellent personal services and an unforgettable bamboo forest experience for your guests. Geodome houses have been termed as nature’s perfect structure, capable of withstanding extreme weather and suitable to all types of harsh environments.

This newly-updated forest dome is open and airy with large windows overlooking the sky. Slow down and relax while walking, have family cookouts on the deck or listen to the birds and savor your morning coffee. Forest Lodge is sure to be a family favorite. The great room boasts an updated kitchen, cozy king size bed with a see-through window with a truly spectacular view. Fuller revolutionized the world of architecture and housing with the creation of the geodesic dome home, and SHELTER provides the opportunity to live in a home which embodies the structure and flow of nature itself!

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