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Top 5 Glamping Spots in Japan

Add the luxury accommodation to attract more guests in the great outdoors

Glamping, known as “glamorous camping” is the gateway to enjoy the  natural view hassle-free. Japan, a country that already puts extra care into aesthetics and cleanliness definitely does glamping like nowhere else in the world.

These 5 spots satisfy all your desires for glamping in Japan.

01 | Glamp Ocean, Futamichō Matsushita

With the completed living facilities, the inside of the dome is as comfortable and luxurious as a hotel. While providing a cozy glamping experience, the transparent bay window offers the best view of the seaside and sunset. The guests could fall asleep while listening to the sound of waves, such a wonderful glamping experience.

We provide a customized design for interior space. For the insulation layer, our client designs the 5-themed glamping dome with the colored.

02 | Glamprook Twin Dome Tent, グランルーク 飯綱高原

Japan’s first twin dome tent, which is designed with a separate living room and bedroom, has both a sense of unity with nature and a cozy living space. Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend a relaxing time.

03 | Glamping Village Hajime, Hioki, Miyazu

For different facilities and living requirement in the campsite. We offer 2-themed accommodation, one is 7m done tent and another is cocoon house. Also, the 6m transparent dome tent is served as outdoor cafe.

Using different types of glamping ten could make the campsite more diverse. Compared with dome tent, the cocoon house could attract more guests with its unique appearance.

04 | 神戸天空 Kobe Glamping , Hyogo

4 single beds are installed. It is a room type that emphasizes a sense of privacy with a dedicated relaxing space.

05 | Comorebi Camp Hasamamachi Tokimatsu

Our client wants more pricing positioning of the accommodation. So we offer dia. 6m dome tent, dia. 8m dome suite and oval dome for the different living requirements. The guests will spend the best holiday with luxurious space design.

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