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Yoga Dome – Allow More Purpose of Sports Center & Eco Camp

How to own yoga and outside scenery at the same time? Enjoy the yoga at a peaceful space at Eco camp or having yoga lesson at the sports center. Geodesic yoga hall will meet your need. The clear span spherical tent allows flexible movement by modular frame. Packed the steel tube transporting to any location you want. Depend on different sizes of the yoga dome, you can create:
  1. Private exercise room in house backyard
  2. Environment-friendly gym room in Eco campsite
  3. Yoga classroom with a number of people.

Anti-gravity Yoga? No Problem!

Dome structure is made by triangle construction frame which is the most stable shape in the world. Such kind of building create better performance in weight bearing. Doing anti-gravity yoga is available under dome tent. Let’s do aerial yoga training together!

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