Warehouse Tents – Ideal Inventory Managing / warehouses and industrial storage buildings

Unique Design Warehouse Tents

Warehouses and industrial storage buildings must meet safety standards and building code requirements. Effective warehouses include a streamlined design with clear aisles and racking to reduce operational friction and storage costs. Steel gable is to improve stability and durability, meanwhile, to meet the convenience of trucks transportation, the interior of the storage tent is without any center poles. To protect goods from being exposed to harsh weather, superior performance like sunscreen, waterproof, flame-retardant, tear-resistant is perfectly equipped. Warehouse tents coming up with the sliding door, roller-shutter gates or aluminum door is available for being customized.

Our highly durable blast-resistant storage tent and explosion-proof structures are suitable for the mining site. Warehouse tents are thoroughly tested to ensure optimal reliability and performance. Professional methods are used for calculating wind load on a structure. To tackle stressful mechanics of warehouse tents materials problems with ease, our skillful engineers in the mechanical sciences know that mechanics of materials deals extensively with stress on the storage tent base on the local climate. Professional mechanics calculation and wind load calculation technology to design the best structure according to the local climate.

Innovative Solution for Temporary Warehousing And Storage

SHELTER’s warehouse structures are ideal for managing inventory and materials on construction sites, oil drilling locations, mining sites, beaches especially the coastal area, or other areas in which property must be protected against theft and vandalism. The modular design not only offers convenient and easy transportation but also is compact, easy to build. The entire crew at SHELTER is committed to the highest standards of customer service in the warehouse tents and dome tent industry. If you need an innovative solution for temporary warehousing and storage, we are ready to provide you with the ideal solution. A wide variety of warehouse tent options are available to you.


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