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Create a One-of-a-kind Eco Destination with Lodging Domes

Geodesic glamping tents as semi-permanent settings, are a novel alternative for luxury resort accommodations or private estates looking for an elegant and dramatic point of difference. These stunning lodging domes with a 1/3 transparent cover are 6 meter (20ft) in diameter. They are designed to cover all the needs of the most exquisite guest, from a cozy and snug sleeping area to truly dream under the stars. The glamping domes are installed on the raised wooden platform, which creates an effective barrier against moisture and provides extra spaces for tourists to enjoy the outdoors for as long as they like, day or night. Create your one-of-a-kind eco destination in a remote area or expand your hotel zone with our geodesic domes and provide your guests the comforts of home. Geodesic domes can be put up in almost any terrain with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. It’s time to give your guests an option to stay in an environmentally friendly, energy efficient, private and beautiful space.

Specifications of Eco-resort Domes

Ecodomes for glamping are available in a variety of sizes of 4 meters to 10 meters. They will perfectly fit in any size of resorts, retreats, and campsites. The open and airy interior provides all kinds of creative layouts, providing economical retreat housing and creating comfortable spaces for group activities. The robust, galvanized and powder-coated (optionally) steel frame makes our eco-retreat domes strong enough to handle extreme wind and snow loads and attach additional equipment (such as curtains, lighting and etc.) directly. The cover cosists of white PVC coatd polyester fabric, providing great protection against rain and heat, as well as giving the geodome a Zen-like closeness with nature. Eco resort domes by SHELTER DOME can be equipped with triangular windows all around that keep air flowing to provide natural ventilation. Depending on the size of the dome tent structure and the complexity of the venue, our glamping dome is quick and easy to set up and dismantle. It takes within 2 – 6 hours to install and remove by several individuals.

Get Your Own Lodging Domes from SHELTER DOME

With our eco-style accommodation units, your guests’ accommodation experience will be taken to another level. This is why more and more of our clients are asking us to manufacture stunning glamping dome tents for their resort business. At SHELTER DOME, we have more than 13 years of experience fabricating geodesic domes and we will assist you in choosing the dome product that will best suit your needs within your budget. To discuss our eco resort domes further, please simply fill out the Inquiry Form regarding your specific requirements. Also, you can email us at or call us on +86 139 2885 8552 directly to get a quote. We will get back to you shortly.

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