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Unleash Your Options with Spherical Projection Domes

What can be done with spherical projection domes? They can be so much more than portable planetariums. The geodesic dome projections are tough and versatile and can be used throughout the year. Thus they are natural homes for schools, science centers, immerse gaming products, lounge halls, music clubs and other pop-up events. The mobile geodesic dome of 65 feet in diameter for music festival is packed with immersive experiences and can be enjoyed by a total of 500 – 600 people standing. Unlike traditional tents that provide a flat screen, images of surrounded inside the dome tent have a far stronger impact on the audience. The audience are effectively placed in the middle of what is going on, enjoying an unparalleled audio-visual and emotional experience.

360 Degree Immersive Dome Tent Design

Unique Appearance It’s the combination of the space advantages and aesthetics, making it easy to become the center of attention through the modern geodesic shape. The neat appearance of the dome building also provides the endless lighting options. Free Span Structure The projection dome allows the entire area to be open and free of any obstructions or center pole supports, so that you can make the most of every single inch of the available flooring area, creating a completely free and immersive environment.
Exceptionally Robust and Safe The incredible structure is made of powder coated steel frame and covered with waterproof, durable and fire retardant fabric. It’s robust enough to suspend additional equipment on the structure’s framework and external load, giving you the best and safest of space, whatever the weather!

Projection Dome Accessories

Here at SHELTER DOME we offer our clients a flexible and cost-effective approach to dome theater. In addition to the highest quality dome tents, we also have a wide range of accessories for sale. They are available in doors (O door systems with PVC fabric or aluminum doors), windows, flooring systems with carpets, projection liners, sound insulation layers, sound and lighting systems, cooling and heating systems.
Do you doubt our dome structures and services? See FAQs. If you’d like to find out more about our projection dome structures please GET IN TOUCH and our team will be happy to help.

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