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Ramadan Party Dome – The Fabulous Venue for Reception and Banquet

For annual Ramadan event, Shelter has designed the unique projection dome structure for it. The Rmadan party dome has a great capacity of projection. Its outside dome surface could show the Ramadan-themed logo, slogan, and pattern. Also, the inside projection membrane allows 360 immersive projection effect for the guests.

The size of Rmadan party dome ranges from 3m to 100m for any capacity and occasion. With the top-class steel material Q235, the whole spherical structure can meet up to 100km/h wind loading. Also, the exterior membrane cover is the perfect place to show the brand and event theme. Shelter offers professional custom-made printing service in the different pattern.

Shelter has designed the sound-absorbing projection liner with millions of tiny hole which can decrease the echo during the show. In addition, thanks to the high-precision CNC cutting and splicing technology,  the clearer, and the more realistic picture will be shown on the spherical projection environment.

50m Projection Banquet Hall Supplied for Movie-themed Event

Shelter has supplied the exterior projection dome in 50m diameter for an outdoor movie-themed event. The whole footprint is 1962sqm which could accommodate over 1500 seats. The light effect is projected on the spherical space.

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