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Geodesic Dome Roof for Sport Arena

We design, manufacture and assemble various shapes and sizes of geodesic domes. According to the client’s needs, we design this prefab dome concept for the sport area. It’s one of the key projects for the development of the public space of the resort’s recreational, ecological and tourist program.
We can enclose any sport field up to 7,850 square meters (84,500 sq ft) with our dome-shaped sport court covers. In carrying out this project we are working with our talented engineers and designers, that address a variety of technical and design challenges.
Such an eco dome tent with no flat walls is suitable to rainy conditions. It would withstand greater forces by allowing wind, rain, and elements to easily pass by, providing a large, bright and dry space for indoor activities. Furthermore, you can merge two or several domes to create a large space.
The white dome is ready for your dream interior. It gives you the flexibility to make your interior design completely bespoke. For example, you can add extra floors, lightings and equip with heating and cooling systems to make the dome become a real sports stadium. What’s more – the external surface is suitable to carry the advertisement, effectively attracting the attention of visitors.
Lightweight, versatile and quick to erect frames support the prefab dome structure for sports arenas and facilities. We can design and build your dome with your unique design and budget in mind. So just go large and purchase a dome with full rigging capabilities and room enough for your event.

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