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Geodesic Dome Projection Delivers A Visual Spectacle

If your goal is to enchant your audience with an extraordinary 360-degree visual experience, then a portable geodesic dome with projection needs to be at your next occasion. We have over 10 years of extensive experience in geodesic domes and event works and complete successful events in the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia. Whether your event is to inform, educate, or entertain a crowd, dome theater from SHELTER DOME surrounding your audience with imagery is a very affordable and effective solution to create an immersive environment, delivering a visual spectacle to your guests.
The 32’ geodesic dome with two round door systems for recreation featured a 78 m2 dedicated immersive experience space, a blank cover and 360-degree projection system. It can accommodate up to 100 audience standing at once who can experience and enjoy the dynamic images.

Membrane Options for Portable Projection Dome

The membrane for this 32-foot projection dome is translucent, allowing projected images to be seen through both inside and outside the dome tent. When it’s lit up inside and out, the incredible dome structure is magnificent for not only the audience, but also for the onlookers. You can choose a white, opaque membrane that can darken out the interior if the geodesic dome is going to be used as rooms for carrying out more private events, or daytime events with interior projection only. We also provide PVC fabric with graphic design or solid color for your event dome. The choice is yours.

Providing Many Unparalleled Advantages

Easy to assemble durable frame and connectors allows few people to install this free-standing dome tent of 10 meters in diameter in few hours. There is no requirement on site. Thus the projection dome theater can fit right into any venue. Though it looks big, it’s versatile, portable and relocatable. It’s designed for easy to dismantle, remove, modify or relocate when required. Compared to the traditional projection theater solutions, the dome has many unparalleled advantages. It gives more flexibility and better visual and sound effects for audience and event holders.
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