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Create A Pop Up Geodesic Dome with Minimum Effort for Branding

Whether you want to plan a new product launch, build corporate brand awareness in local place or host an exhibition tour, pop-up shop would be one of the best solutions to attract more visitors and promote brand with minimum effort. By contrast with conventional shop, the pop up geodesic dome is characterized by less cost, innovative design, short construction period and less restriction requirement for construction yard. Take a look at the pop-up dome of 80m2 with half clear top set up in Korea, promoting the new product in a creative way. The dome featuring a panoramic transparent membrane on its front brings more daylight and special experience on visual for people.

Advantages of Pop Up Geodesic Dome

The pop up dome tent is conceived as affordable, resilient, sustainable, rapidly deployable which is shipped in pieces and assembled by the users. All of our fabric domes use heavy duty galvanized steel tubes Q235 as main framwork material. With sphere design, it requires less meterial to construct while maintaining durability. It’s eaily resist bad weather, shock and withstand the wind speed at 100km/h. Optional cover materials are available in whole white PVC fabric, front transparent PVC fabric and whole transparent PVC fabric. The domes vary in size (3m – 80m or customized sizes), cover material, interior decoration, meeting your lots of needs.

Spacious Interior Room

The dome tent without any pole or obstruction allows you to lay out any accessories and exhibition facilities during the event. Your showroom would be look great with showcases, tables and more. Additionally, we also offer flooring system, windows, doors, linings, lightings etc to help you decorate your dome tent.
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