Planetarium Dome – 5v Geodesic Dome for 150 People

Planetarium Dome - Projection Dome - 360 Dome Projection - Projection Sphere - Dome Projection Mapping - Digital Dome - Geodesic Dome Theater - Event Dome Tent - Shelter Dome (4)
Planetarium Dome - Projection Dome - 360 Dome Projection - Projection Sphere - Dome Projection Mapping - Digital Dome - Geodesic Dome Theater - Event Dome Tent - Shelter Dome (6)

13m Planetarium Dome with The 360-degree Projection

Planetarium domes by SHELTER DOME designed with an emphasize on fast assembly, portability and ease of use, are nature fits for learning centers, science fairs, astronomical educations, advertising campaigns, presentations, conferences or entertainment. There are no limits for the digital dome solutions! Thanks to its spherical structure and seamless round projection screen, this planetarium dome of 13m in diameter with 360 degree projection is extremely suitable for projection. It is like a virtual reality movie theater, immersing the audience with an amazing visual experience. A digital dome with a base area of 132 m2 and 13-meter diameter allowed up to 150 guests to enjoy stunning and bright image across the geodesic dome.

Available Options for Planetarium Dome

Standard sizes ranging from 3m to 100m, our 360 projection dome is manufactured from quality materials with precise specifications determined by geodesic dome size, shape and use. Our team provides tailor-made dome planetarium with a full range of accessories to your project.

Standard Projection Dome:
The projection dome is produced using galvanized steel (standard) or high quality stainless steel tube. We use three-layers of fabric with a density up to 300 g/m2 blocking out the external light to create a complete darkness inside the dome and safe environment for all guests. Thus it’s a light-weight structure yet can withstand gusts of 62 mph and fire resistance required by building regulation. In addition, to make the experience the best it can be, we use noise absorbing fabric as the internal cover, which can reduce sound reflections. Each immersive dome comes with one entrance.

Optional Accessories Include:
Our geodesic domes come with absolutely everything you need to run 360 degree content: the seamless 360° screens, the projectors, the flooring systems with carpet, doors, the sound and lighting equipment and ventilation systems etc.

Portable Dome Theatre Features

  • Easy To Assemble. The frame structure and connectors allow five or six person to install a 5v geodesic dome within 8 to 10 hours in any ground surface.

  • Superb Acoustics And Visual Effects. The design of spherical structure delivers efficient sound projection and viewing experience.

  • Safe And Dependable. The aerodynamic design reduces wind loading and the strength of the dome structure withstands large snow loads. It has a high seismic resistance and weather resistance, always providing a good and safe place for guests.

  • Expansive Internal Spaces And Environment. There’s no load-bearing walls or beams inside the dome structure, providing an obstruction free interior.

  • Customized Designs of External Shells. We can help you design and build a geodesic dome with a customized external design according to your needs, allowing the dome building perfectly fits into any occasion without disrupting its harmony.

Do you doubt our dome structures and services? See FAQs. Feel free to fill out the INQUIRY FORM below or Email Us directly for more info. We’ll get back to you within 24h.


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